A lyrical lie.

Just a bored girl who likes making simple graphics, if you could call it that. The posts will usually have some sort of meaning to me. I normally wouldn't put up posts of senseless words that don't impact or move me in any way. This will be mostly be filled with lyrics, quotes, thoughts, or just plain old phrases that catch my attention. :)

I listen to all types of music, so don't be surprised if you see lyric posts from Suicide Silence, then the one right after that is from Voxtrot, followed by Justin Timberlake or something. Lol!

Before you ask me why I keep my posts so simple, let me tell you : I want people to pay attention to the words and only the words. I want people to pay attention and think about what they're reading instead of having a background distracting them from the main thing. I like the simple things.

I have a pretty large amount of time in my hands, so don't be surprised if you visit this blog and you welcome yourself a brand new theme. I like working around with HTML so I can never stick to one theme. :)

Also, I'm pretty new to this, so I would absolutely love it if some people could help spread the word around about lyricalleap! I'd love you forever! <3

Apr 24 2011
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Apr 13 2011
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